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Rate 4.5 /5.0
Rate 4.5 /5.0
Rate 4.5 /5.0
Rate 4.5 /5.0

Token sale stages


25 June 2018
up to 28% bonus
MAX: 800,000 USD


up to 23% bonus
MAX: 1,200,000 USD


up to 18% bonus
MAX: 5,000,000 USD


up to 8% bonus
MAX: 8,800,000 USD
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Mitigates investors’ risks

Options allow you to redeem tokens at a specific time and specific price after the token sale if the project produced results and the token price on the exchange increased.
Unlike the traditional ICO model, you don’t risk the full value of the tokens, but only the premium for the option.

Increases ROI of crypto-investments

Investing in options yields a higher ROI compared to the traditional token purchase due to the opportunity to buy more tokens for the same amount of money.

Allows startups to raise more funds

Startups have safe investment options available throughout the project lifecycle. Initial successes will encourage more investors to purchase options, in anticipation of a continuing upward trajectory in token value.

Emphasizes the seriousness of a startup's intentions

Demonstrates a startup leadership’s long-term commitment to the project and a willingness to reach milestones. The nature of options shows that the company is looking to create consistent incremental gains that build over time, rather than a large cash grab at the project’s onset.

How Tokenstarter works

MVP is ready

You sold

Token price

Option premium

Strike price

Money Token Inc.












Core MVP Features:

Investors can buy and execute options

Built-in & external crypto wallet

Support for payments via crypto wallet

 *These options are a demonstration model. Tokenstarter works on the Testnet network. 
Please do not transfer ETH to sample addresses.

Tokenstarter token (TST)

TST is an ERC20 Utility token that gives holders the best terms for buying options for any ICO on the Tokenstarter platform.

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Mikhail Lazarev

CEO and Founder

Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in marketing

Executive MBA at Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland)

Co-founder of the St. Petersburg Blockchain Developers Community (one of the largest blockchain communities in Russia).

Ilya Petrusenko

Chief Technical Officer

DLT engineer with extensive Ethereum and Hyperledger knowledge

More than 15 years in IT business as a developer and team leader.

Technical consultant in several enterprise blockchain projects

Anouar Moulkaf

Frontend Developer

Full-Stack Developer in one of the world's largest IT consulting, with a passion for creating beautiful user experiences with cutting-edge web technologies.

Successfully completed projects for large companies around the world, including Airbus, SNCF.

Tatiana Barmushkina

Financial Advisor

Over 10 years of experience in finance analysis, financial control, budgeting, and management reporting in large, Top 50 - Russian corporations (Eurocement group, Protek-group, IFD Kapital Group, Bank Russian capital).

Higher education in economics, engineering (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow Aviation Institute (Technical University)).

Interested to join? Please, contact us.



Market potential

The world market of options


raised in 2017*


raised in 2018Q1*


ROI for NXT tokenholders**

* Source: Coinshedule ICO stats in 2017/18
** Source: ICO perfomance tracker (ICO stats)

$1031 mln.

$310 mln.

$260 mln.

$256 mln.

$196 mln.
Hong Kong

$192 mln.

$187 mln.

$175 mln.

Leaders in terms of profitability

Tokenstarter advantages

Traditional token sale VS. Tokenstarter sale

Investors invest the full amount of funds that are frozen in the wallet of the startup.

Investors invest 20-30% of the value of the token during a token sale, which significantly increases ROI and mitigates loss.

The motivation and roadmap of the startup are vague promises that have not been confirmed by anything.

The use of options shows the intention of the startup to develop the project fully because greater financial rewards are available for a completed project.

The startup sells tokens without collecting or understanding the potential of the market.

The startup collects more funds because investors are offered a risk protection mechanism in the form of an option.

In the event of a theft of funds or a technical malfunction (parity), the startup loses all the funds collected.

Investors hold most funds, which reduces the total amount of possible loss.

When using Escrow, the decision to allocate the next tranche is taken collectively by a circle of experts or investors using a confusing voting system.

The decision to continue investments is made by each option holder independently.

Early adopters and partners

These groups have joined us already and are ready to use Tokenstarter for their ICO or to invest in startups:


Media & articles about Tokenstarter

Project budget


Startup Dashboard






Options smartcontract constructor

Token sale smartcontract constructor

Simple Fundraiser Dashboard

Extended Fundraiser Dashboard

Option Wizard

KYF (Know Your Founders)

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Tokenstarter was founded
White paper completed Winner of FutureTech hackathon


Pivoting idea from decentralized escrow to options.
Customer development. Blockchain architecture designed
Creation of MVP Project. Financial model developed
Option construction and market place alphas.
In progress
White List Presale.
Attracting first 50 projects.
Option construction and marketplace betas.
Not done


Platform launch. Crowdsale
Not done
Option Exchange launch. Mobile app launch. Accepting BTC
Not done
Developing rating system. Interface improvement. Optimizing marketing. 
Not done
Accepting fiat*
Not done


Artificial marketing.
Not done
Platform improvements.
Not done
Platform improvements.
Not done
Platform improvements.
Not done


What is a token option?

The token option is a contract whereby the owner of the option (investor) has the right to purchase a token at a predetermined price for a certain length of time in the future. When an option holder calls, a startup must sell tokens at a fixed price. The availability of tokens and the transaction is guaranteed by a smart contract - fraud is impossible.

How will the option be sold? How will it be purchased?

The startup option and its purchase by the investor will be sold through the Tokenstarter platform. If the project conducts Crowdsale, then its options can be purchased on the platform of primary placement.
After Crowdsale, all options issued on the site are put on the stock exchange of options (by agreement with the startup) where they can be freely sold or bought.

I want to invest in a startup. Why should I buy an option if I can buy the tokens directly?

Buying an option for a startup token, you significantly reduce your investment risks, thereby increasing the ROI of your investments.

Project news once a week:

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